07/16 2014

The Blessing of Guidance

The Blessing of Guidance

Hot day!  The lake looked so inviting!
The clear water had a slight green tint revealing what appeared to be a sandy base.Muddy Water

However, the scene changed as people entered the water!
It’s green color turned to a muddy brown! The lake’s base was not sand but clay dirt!

Most of the people who entered stayed in, either because they didn’t really realize they were swimming in muddy water, or they chose…

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07/08 2014
06/17 2014

The Blessing of Peace

The Blessing of Peace

Peaceful HeartColossians 3:15 says: “…let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts.”

What comes to mind when you hear the word “peace”?
Serenity, quiet, calm, freedom from disturbances, no problems?
Yes, peace can be all that, but it can also be much more.
In fact, the Peace that Jesus gives us believers, can be found in chaos.
His Peace is not dependent on outer circumstances, for it dwells within us.

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05/07 2014

The Blessing of Strength

The Blessing of Strength

"Blindsided" Lanturne poemRecently I was “blindsided.” Blindsided means an attack that seemly comes out of nowhere, because the impact hits in such a place where vision is limited, or in an area where a person is vulnerable.
I am sure you have heard the phrase, “ Wow! That came out of nowhere!” or “I didn’t see that coming!” Also, if you are a football fan you know that blindsiding is often practiced in that sport.


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02/07 2014
The Blessing of His RichesLastmonth I remember reading in the news about the discovery of a rare blue diamond in a mine in…View Post

The Blessing of His Riches

Lastmonth I remember reading in the news about the discovery of a rare blue diamond in a mine in…

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01/13 2014

The Blessing of His Power

Recently I came to hear of an interesting idea called “My One Word”
It is based on a book titled “My One Word” written by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen
The idea is that, in the New Year instead of making resolutions, we should pick just one word to…

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06/25 2013
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